Southern Africa Philately Conference

The first conference was held in Chester in 2002. From Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th November members of various Southern Africa Societies gathered for their first ever joint conference with members from the Anglo Boer War, Bechuanaland, Cape & Natal, Orange Free State, Rhodesia, South Africa and Transvaal study groups. An auction was conducted which became the traditional end to the conference.

The Saturday is devoted to invited displays covering a wide range of topics from every aspect of Southern African Philately. The attendees vote for what they think has been the best display of the day and the winner is presented with The Tony Chilton Memorial Trophy. On Sunday, attendees may show whatever the have brought along, up two frames.

2012 was the tenth anniversary of the Conference,

The 2015 Conference hosted displays as varied as Africa during WWI, a Gold Medal Exhibit of South Africa Third definitives, Exhibitions in South Africa, an introduction to the first issues of Transvaal AND MORE!

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