South Africa Commemoratives

In general the commemoratives command a greater premium in un-mounted mint condition than hinged mint.  Also, some of the sets are especially tricky to find in fine used pairs.  Some pairs have a habit of splitting when being soaked off paper due to their long length.

The Voortrekker Memorial Fund has a nice variety on the 1d+½d, known as the “Comet” flaw; it is a large red smudge across the stamp. The 1935 Silver Jubilee varieties can be expensive and hard to find.  Be aware there are 10 different settings of the ½d and 21 different settings of the 1d 1936 JIPEX miniature sheets to find.  The 1937 Coronation and 1949 U.P.U. issues have a multitude of minor and not so minor varieties to hunt for. These are popular as they are not too expensive.