1927/30 London Pictorials

Another magnificent issue, printed in recess by Bradbury Wilkinson.  They are easy to identify with the raised lines of ink from the recess printing feeling slightly rough under your fingertips.  There were two perforation gauges used, initially the stamps were perf 14, then later printings were perf 14×13½.  They can easily be visually identified; the perf 14 stamps have neat perforation holes that coincide perfectly where the vertical and horizontal lines of perforation cross.  The P14x13½ stamps have an open perf either at the top or bottom of the pair.  The 5s stamp is the key mint stamp in the set, however both the 2s6d and 5s are hard to find in fine used condition. The 2d value can be found in different shades. When looking at this set carefully check the centring of the stamps, as off centre stamps abound.  Always try to buy the best examples you can find.